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Union Road Property Voting wrapping up. Door to door campaign taking place.
For all of you who have not had the opportunity to place your vote, someone may be knocking on your door to 
assist you in the process. 

Original Notice SRHA Members

The Saddle Ridge Homeowner’s Association has been presented with an offer from the Town of Farragut to purchase slope and construction easements on SHRA common property as part of the Union Road Improvement Project. The easements are being purchased through the Town of Farragut and TDOT Right of Way process. They are necessary to allow grading of the area adjacent Union Road to form a more gradual slope. If you are unfamiliar with the Union Road Improvement Project we strongly suggest you review the information available on the Town of Farragut website found at the URL below. “” The easements result in the loss of approximately 12 trees between the parking lot and Union Road, as well as, landscaping flowers, shrubs, and trees near the entrance sign. We do retain a number of the larger mature trees along the parking lot across from the pool. The HOA Board has carefully considered this proposal and is in favor of accepting it. Compensation for the loss of improvements (landscaping) and encumbering the property with the easements is summarized below. Improvements: $17,500 Slope Easement: $8,809 Temporary Construction Easement: $2,132 Total Approved Compensation: $28,441 Offer: $28,450 (rounded) It is vital that each household casts their vote on whether we should accept or decline the offer of $28,450. We also feel it's important that all the members of Saddle Ridge understand that this offer is just one step of a process and that if the community doesn't agree with the offer amount the easement purchase will be pursued through eminent domain and condemnation. Your participation is crucial in shaping the future of our community, and we value your perspective in making this significant decision. According to the SRHA Covenants and Restrictions in order to accept the offer and approve the property transfer a majority of the SRHA board and 65% percent of the members must approve it. Links for  offer letter and sale agreement . A complete copy of the appraisal report is available upon request.


SRHA Board of Directors

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