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Rules for SR Homeowners

Saddle Ridge Governing Documents

Saddle Ridge is a lovely subdivision. Our covenants and restrictions were put in place to help keep the subdivision a nice and appealing place to live. The Covenants & Restrictions establish the Saddle Ridge Homeowners Association, define its membership, and overall guiding principles. Our Bylaws define the role and limits of the SRHA Board as well as the responsibilities and limitations for homeowners in the overall management of the Saddle Ridge properties. We also have rules which guide the use of the pool, tennis courts, and the clubhouse.

​Click here for the Saddle Ridge Bylaws and Covenants. View a map of the subdivision.

Rules for SR Homeowners

First impressions mean a lot to potential buyers. Below are a few of the important things EVERYONE should be mindful of to keep our neighborhood attractive and home values high. 

  • Garbage containers must be concealed from view by appropriate screening or kept in the garage.

  • No vehicles are to be parked in the streets or on the grass.

  • Boats, motor homes, trailers and other large units over 24’ are not allowed to be parked anywhere in the subdivision. Smaller units must be parked so as to not be visible from the street. On corner lots these units must be parked in the garage.

  • Lawns and landscaping beds need to be well maintained.

  • Do not dump yard waste in common areas or vacant lots in the subdivision. This is unsightly and detracts from the appearance of the neighborhood.

  • Pick up any trash on the street in front of your house.

  • Everyone needs to be aware of their speed in the subdivision, especially on Saddle Ridge drive. The neighborhood speed limit is 25 MPH.

  • Stop signs are there for a reason. Please come to a complete stop before proceeding.


Annual Homeowners Dues

The SRHA Annual Dues Assessments are $360 per lot.  If there is no home on the lot the dues are $180.  They are next due January 1, 2024.  If the dues are not paid by February 1, 2024, there is a $2.00 per day penalty that will be assessed against each lot for which payment has not been made, retroactive to January 1, 2024.  

Send check to:

P.O. Box 22248
Knoxville, TN  37933    

Any questions email:

Home and Lot Owners in Saddle Ridge are assessed annual Subdivision dues. One only need to scan the annual Homeowners’ budget to realize how this money is used to maintain the beauty, security and overall property values of Saddle Ridge.

*  Money is spent each year to maintain and enhance the amenities - that add value and prestige to a neighborhood, whether or not an individual family uses them all. Amenities often are the first things prospective homeowners look for, when considering a purchase in Saddle Ridge. For those families who do spend time at the pool; use the tennis courts and/or attend social events in our beautiful Clubhouse, our amenities extend their recreational and social opportunities.

*  A lovely, colorful and well-manicured Subdivision entrance adds prestige to our neighborhood. Money spent to maintain the entrance, the Clubhouse landscaping and parking lot, and the Subdivision common areas (these are unbuildable lots) are an investment in everyone’s property values.

*  It has become necessary to install camera and surveillance systems at the Subdivision entrance, Clubhouse and Pool areas. It is sad, but true, that your Homeowners’ association must spend Subdivision funds to guard against and prosecute vandalism.

*  On the less visible side, there are insurance premiums, audit costs and legal fees required by State and County law, as well as our own Subdivision by-laws and restrictions.

*  Finally, with due diligence, money is set aside each year in separate Reserve Funds for the Pool, Tennis Courts, Grounds and Clubhouse. These funds become utilized from time to time, for needed capital improvements, maintenance and major repairs.

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